Frequently Asked Questions

What coffee do you use?

The coffee we use has been carefully sourced and processed to meet the highest industry standards. It is considered specialty coffee. We also roast our own beans so depending on the season we can have different origins and blends available. Using coffee from different origins like Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia, will guarantee those exotic tastes people are looking for. 

How many drinks do I need for my event?

This depends on the number of people that will be attending your event. On average we know that each guest will enjoy 3 beverages during the day, this means that for a full day event of 100 guests we may be looking at 300 beverages. We also know that there are peak times during the event, so it's important to understand the timings of your event and when we can expect to serve more coffee.  

Do you offer other drinks as well?

Yes, if you are looking to cater soft beverages, beer, wine and cocktails we can also deliver it. If so, write us an email explaining the details of your event and we will work on a free quote.

Can you provide other types of milk?

Typically, we will offer organic soy and oat milk, apart from regular fresh farm milk. If you have any other special requests please let us know and we will do our best to arrange it.  

Can you cater a private party?

Yes, our services are also suitable for other types of celebrations like weddings or birthday parties. We would be glad to be part of your special day and make your guests feel at home.

What do you need to set up?

Setting up is quick and simple, taking around 30 - 60 min. We just need ground floor access to your venue, a work space of at least 1.5mts x 1.5mts and a regular electricity outlet. 

What kind of power requirements do you need?

The most watts a single coffee machine can consume is around 2300W, any regular electricity outlet will suffice. The number of outlets will depend on the number of machines we would be setting up at your event.

Can we brand the coffee stand?

Yes, this is a service we usually offer our clients. Just email us your company logo and we will incorporate it into the different elements of the stand - menu, cups, coffee stand.

How much will it cost?

Our cost depends on the following key factors - location, number of guests and duration of service. We have flexible budgeting options so do not hesitate to ask for your free quote.