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How it started...

La Cherry Coffee Co. started out as a vision to serve great quality coffee in everyday settings. From that point on founders Gianluca and Jesús have taken the joy of coffee to all types of events, markets and fairs around Barcelona and its surrounding areas.


The Roastery

We roast, cup and pack every batch of coffee that goes out to our customers. Roasting off our 6kg Mill City Roaster we work to unlock the flavours within the beans and express the characteristics we love the most out of each coffee.

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100% in-house

All of our products are made in our warehouse in Terrassa - Barcelona. We strongly believe in bringing ideas to life using our hands, learning during the process and taking the product to market.

Thats why we roast our own coffee, hand-print all of our bags and merchandise, and work on all of the branding, communication and marketing ourselves.